Alicia Martinez

Some text about "Me"...I'm interested in executive-level opportunities that demand creativity, innovation, and adaptation in which my expertise in technology, systems, education, and management may be applied. 

As a technology administrator, college instructor, creative director, systems manager, and web designer, I have experience designing, implementing, and administering the use of technology in academic and professional environments. In addition to extensive technical capabilities, I have the communication skills necessary to successfully transfer knowledge, a quality that will lend itself to teaching/training opportunities, as well as, enhanced client-relations.

Work Samples


Flying Cardboard's previous website. It was created using Drupal's content management. I did all the work with the exception of the photography.


Mary Whyte, this site was created as a responsive site, with CMS, and eCommerce. I was the project manger on this project. I worked with the client, managed the video and photography production, budget, and created the CMS.

ImageCheyenne High School website. I am responsible to make sure content is accurately optimized for the Internet. This is CHS's main website and is monitored by a third party. I also work with the company to insure material is factual.

ImageKitchens, Baths & Beyond is a site that I was contracted for. The site includes: CMS, photo gallery of work, logo & identity. I created the back-end and the CMS.


AerialDancing is a site that I was contracted for. The site includes: responsive web design, CMS, eCommerce, logo and identity. I managed the video and photo shoots, created the CMS, and managed the budget and occasionally the client.


Atlantic Coast Pool Service is a responsive web design with CMS. I was the Project Manager on this project. Working with the talent and managing project milestones for photography.

ImageClassroom Cast Eduvision TV is a website that CHS uses to communicate announcements to the school and community at large. This is our first year of incorporating the site. I created the layout and color scheme along with a form on Desert Shields for teachers to request announcements. I am also responsible for insuring reliable continuity for the content of the three websites.

ImageIn November 2014, I created this WordPress site, Eureka Springs Film Festival as a redesign for a friend. Content has since been added for the next following years. It includes an interactive calendar, eCommerce, video uploads, and press area.


This is one of my favorites! For both competitions, I was Project Lead of approximately 100 people (designers, marketers, videographers, digital artists, animators, actors, and content developers) from The Art Institute and Arizona State University each time. I also presented at NASA, created the website, and did some Flash coding. The site is no longer live, I'm not sure if I have the entire site. I'm including some of the videos we created along with the poster that was created entirely digitally.

NASA Means Business Competition 2006. Created along with a public service announcement (PSA). The site includes: HTML, php, flash elements, interactive flash games, bulletin board, and a interactive flash chat and live video stream. The website won first place (Remi) and top awards from 2007 WorldFest Houston International Film Festival.

NASA Means Business Competition 2007. Created along with three public service announcements (PSA's). The site is an HTML site with flash elements. First Place Winner.

ImagemyxMedia was a WordPress site, I created for an arts and education non-profit that provides scholarships to college students in the “professional arts”. I co-founded, developed, and managed myxMedia.

ImageThe Art Institute of Phoenix: Live Streaming and Chat
This was a Live Streaming and Chat system, used during portfolio reviews for guests who could not attend. I was the Project Lead on an 8-member team, working with all stakeholders. I was integral in the configuration, implementation, and troubleshooting of the Flash Steaming Server.


Argosy University-Phoenix: College of Education and Human Development
This was a student based site I created and designed entirely for Argosy University. Student and faculty communication site. I created forums, announcement boards, and a simple php CMS for the client. The site is no longer available, just the home page. Unless I find the rest.

Student Work

ImageThis was created by one of my very talented students using Flash action-script for Fender.


This is Desert Shields, a student created news site I currently use with my students to teach them how to work within a CMS. It was created when I was first employed with CHS. All the content is produced and updated solely by students. The site was created on WordPress structure skinned with a template.


This was created by another of my extremely talented students. This was his first time using a CMS for his final portfolio piece.

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